David Harvey - Teams and Technology

David Harvey 

CTO at Vyclone Inc - award-winning multi-angle mobile video co-creation platform and apps.  

I'm an experienced technologist, architect and manager of software teams. In a career of more then twenty years I've worked as CTO (at Sibelius Software, 2004-2008, and now at Vyclone), infrastructure architect, consultant and trainer, team leader and developer. I've chaired the OT conference twice, and presented papers and run workshop sessions on many aspects of technology, practice and culture at OT/SPA and many other conferences, seminars and symposia.  

Music has been a major part of my life, and you'll also find information here on my performances and compositions. And while technology-focussed, you'll find my blog will also have things to say about music and many other things as time goes on...

For nostalgia freaks, or if you're looking for something from my dim and distant past, here's my old website